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Why Us

Utilitas Retirement Centres is seen as one of the most prestigious providers of retirement housing in South Africa and mainly for 3 reasons

We remain fully involved

Unlike other retirement housing developments/schemes where the majority of the developer’s involvement ceases after the sales, Utilitas Retirement Centres remains fully involved as the administrators and providers of specialized services. Not only do we remain as the responsible party involved in executing the contracts’ requirements of the buyers or tenants, but we also serve to protect their interests.

Peace of mind

The buyer’s contract has a clause which gives Utilitas Retirement Centres the first option of re-purchasing a unit. In fact, it is the Board’s policy to buy back any unit that becomes available. This ensures financial security and peace of mind not only to the buyers but simultaneously also to the Board in administering the housing and accommodation.

Dedicated, proficient and professional staff

Only the most dedicated, proficient and professional staff are employed at Utilitas Retirement Centres to serve the more than 600 residents. The senior staff boast with having some of the best qualifications in the industry to still, after more than 30 years in service, lovingly perform their tasks.

Our Values, Mission and Vision

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